Baltic Masks

First CE certified face masks production line in Baltic States

Owners of the CE Certified FFP2 face masks and disposable face masks production lines in Baltic states are searching for authorized partners in Europe. If you’re interested or want additional information, contact

“Balti masks” –your partner in European quality personal protection equipment.

Colibri Technics

Flat mask 1 in 1 productline

Temperature is indoor temperature. Humidity: 40-80%, non-condensation, with dehumidifier. Power supply: 220V / 50Hz. Fluctuation: within ±5%power grid grounding wire meets international requirement.Electronic automatic voltage stabilization and current stabilization devices should be installed in area where the voltage amplitude is more than 5%.

There shall be no strong electromagnetic signal interference nearby, and avoid any radio stations (or relay stations) around the installation site. Air pressure: ≥0,6mpa Some times, there should be anti-static floor, to enhance shielding

GMT Beauty

Prof-grade hygiene products for you and your family

Different antibacterial hand creams (SOS handcreme, for daily use), hand washes (Antibacterial daily care hand wash) ja disinfectants (Non alcoholic disinfectant gel, Non alcoholic disinfectant spray, Non alcoholic disinfectant for hands, Non alcoholic disinfectant for surfaces).


Helematic’s innovative solution to ensure a high-quality experience for sanitizing hands in public places.

Helematic owns an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a 10 liter tank ensures you do not have to re-fill often and theliquidnever runs out –this saves you personnel and material costs. Helematic serves high-volume consumer locations and promotes responsibility in a great looking minimalistic design.


Ease the pressure on your staff, use attention grabbing 3D holographic doctor to talk to your patients.

Hospitals lack additional staff to communicate safety measures. It’s now more important than ever for hospitals to effectively communicate public safety measures that must be taken to limit the risk of infection.

Focus patients’ attention on COVID 19 safety measures and other important announcements with 3D holographic messaging.

Nitrile Gloves

My Med – Wide range of premium quality

Biologically compatible. Softness and shape provides excellent comfort. Beaded cuff enhances donning and preventsrollback. High tensile strength and elongation. Protects against a wide range of chemicals ascompared to natural rubber latex of the same thickness. Superior strength with better puncture resistance.


ThermoVSN – Self detection body temperature terminal

The arrival of Coronavirus forces us to change our behavior and disrupt our habits. It’s important to adapt and protect ourselves in public places, in our daily life. The priority is to adopt responsible gestures (wearing masks, gloves and regular hand washing) but we can go further in prevention by informing and limiting access to public places for people likely to carry the virus. Protect your visitors and employees by equipping your establishment with THERMO-SCAN.