The challenge

Hospitals lack additional staff to communicate safety measures.

It’s now more important than ever for hospitals to effectively communicate public safety measures that must be taken to limit the risk of infection.

The solution

Hire HYPERVSN holographic doctor to do the job.

Ease the pressure on your staff, use attention grabbing 3D holographic doctor to talk to your patients.

  • Greets visitors and offers directions

  • Exchances communication of the COVID precaution measures

  • Delivers guidelines and instructions with authority of a real doctor.


Present critical information in a way that cannot be ignored.

Focus patients’ attention on COVID 19 safety measures and other important announcements with 3D holographic messaging.

  • Raise awareness

  • Increase engagement

  • Create emotional connections

Why 3D holographic display?

1. Increased chances of a message being seen

  • 2x likely than 2D video or messages

  • 4.5x likely than printed ads

2. Higher emotional engagement

  • 40% longer viewing and engagement time than 2D digital ads

  • 60% longer viewing and engagement time than printed ads

3. Improved information perception

  • +19% of information perception based on multiple case

HYPERVSN solution includes

Customize your HYPERVSN solution based on your requirements

Holographical display

  • Any size : from small to large

  • Accessories to install the hologram at the required spot

3D content

  • Custom content created by your requirements

  • Free anti COVID 3D content provided by HYPERVSN

  • Create your own 3D content and messages

Content management system

  • Upload your own content

  • Сreate your playlists and schedule your content

  • Use templates to create 3D content and messages


Halls, waiting rooms, reception desks, doctor’s office

Have a holographic doctor greet visitors and share safety measures

Deliver necessary safety instructions in relevant public spaces

Enhance safety guidelines with a clear and visible imaging

Keep visitors feeling calm

and positive with cheerful 3D content

Present your 3D message on a display of any size and configuration


  • Standard configurations: from 138 to 300 cm (54’’ to

    118’’ )

  • Custom configurations: any size


  • Solo M: up to 56 cm (22”)

  • Solo L: up to 75 cm (30”)

Ready to make

a difference?

Please get in touch with us so that we can help your organization communicate life saving!

Cooperation between KNM EESTI and Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation

In 2020, KNM EESTI and Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundationd partnered up with the aim of simplifying patient well-being and teamwork.

Pärnu Haigla operating room

In the Summer capital, the HYPERVSN 3D display entertains children in the hospital’s operating room: the device creates a 3D image of a small patient’s favorite character, whether from a cartoon, a game or a book.

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Neurology Clinic – Tartu University Hospital

In the procedure room of the neurology department, the hologram device helps the team as it catches the eye of the patients, and in this connection simplifies the performance of various procedures. Today, we can safely say from the point of view of doctors, nurses, parents and children that the HYPERVSN hologram helps to reduce or forget fear when performing procedures.

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Parents’ comments

1. I really helped during blood pressure measuring. He did not pay attention to the procedure. He was just talking about the images. After as well. He did not like the room, because of the fear of needles. Hologram helped.
2. One of the holograms was like a magical garden in which the viewer seemed to move within. For older children, maybe something similar and little longer.

3. The child looked very closely at the characters and did not move during the procedure. The child had the joy of recognition when he saw his favorite characters in the hologram.

4. The blood test took place neurology apartment and hologram was very cool. The child probably didn’t realize that the needle was used, because he was squealing when the pictures changed.

Nurses’ feedback

5. Pt. forgot about cannula insertion and focused on the hologram. The teacher’s anxiety also decreased significantly as they focused on explaining the pictures to the child.

6. Laps kartis analüüsi võtmist, oli pinges, veidi värises, kuid sai edukalt suunata tähelepanu hologrammile. Laps lõdvestus hakkas seletama, mida hologrammil näeb. Lapsele meeldis hologramm.